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Borlänge HK F 01/02 1

Registration number: 1022
Registrator: Andreas Ernfridsson Log in
Primary shirt color: White
Leader: Andreas Ernfridsson
Silver medal! Reached second place in Slutspel B
In addition to the two Borlänge teams, 20 other teams played in Flickor 01/02. They were divided into 5 different groups, whereof Borlänge HK 1 could be found in Group D together with Strands IF, Hallstahammars SK and Vetlanda HF.

Borlänge HK 1 made it to Slutspel B after reaching 3:rd place in Group D. Once in the playoff they made it all the way to the Final, but lost it against Hallstahammars SK with 7-8. Thereby Borlänge HK 1 finished second in F 01/02 Slutspel B during Irsta Blixten 2018.

Borlänge HK also participated in Flickor 01/00 during Irsta Blixten 2017. They reached the 1/4 Final in F 01/00 Slutspel A, but lost it against IF Hallby HK with 10-11.

7 games played


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