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Strands IF

Medals 2019:
(Slutspel A)
2017: 1 2014: 1
2017: 1
Strands IF was one of 98 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Irsta Blixten 2019. They participated with 6 teams in Pojkar 12 år, Pojkar 13 år, Pojkar 15/16 år, Flickor 12 år, Flickor 14 år and Flickor 15/16 år respectively. The team in Pojkar 15/16 år made it to the the 1/4 Final in Slutspel A, but lost it against VästeråsIrsta HF Svart by 6-18.

In addition to this, Strands IF have participated in Irsta Blixten before. During Irsta Blixten 2018, Strands had 6 teams playing in Pojkar 05, Pojkar 03, Flickor 06, Flickor 05, Flickor 04 and Flickor 01/02 respectively. Two teams played until 1/4 Final in Slutspel A; Pojkar 03 lost against Spånga HK by 12-18 and Flickor 01/02 lost against Västeråsirsta HF 1 by 6-8.

Strands comes from Hudiksvall which lies approximately 240 km from Västerås, where Irsta Blixten takes place.

27 games played


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