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Hallstahammars SK HK F13

Registration number: 1060
Primary shirt color: Red
Secondary shirt color: White

In addition to Hallstahammars SK HK, 44 other teams played in Flickor 13 år. They were divided into 11 different groups, whereof Hallstahammars SK HK could be found in Group 10 together with Enköpings HF, Sikeå SK and HK Silwing/Troja.

Hallstahammars SK HK continued to Slutspel B after reaching 3:rd place in Group 10. In the playoff they made it to 1/8 Final, but lost it against Uppsala HK 2 with 9-16. In the Final, Skövde HF 3 won over Uppsala HK 2 and became the winner of Slutspel B in Flickor 13 år.

5 games played


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